For Maria, the happiness in Christ thread

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This thread is for the purpose of sharing the good things that have happened with you and Jesus. Share experiences and positive messages about Christ. Stay on subject or I will delete your post. That includes you history/theology buffs:)

For my dear sister Maria

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A Hebrew Legend

Two brothers lived side by side on adjoining lands. One was the head of a large family, the other lived alone. One night the former lay awake and thought: "My brother lives alone, he has not the companionship of wife and children to cheer his heart as I have. While he sleeps, I will carry some of my sheaves into his field."
At the same hour, the other brother reasoned:"My brother has a large family, and his necessities are greater then mine. As he sleeps, I will put some of my sheaves into his field."
Thus the two brothers went out, each carrying out his purposes and each laden with sheaves - and met at the dividing line. There they embraced.
Years later, at that very place stood the Jerusalm temple, and on the very spot of thier meeting stood the temple's altar.

The gentle soft word is heard over the shout.

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