For Maria, the happiness in Christ thread

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This thread is for the purpose of sharing the good things that have happened with you and Jesus. Share experiences and positive messages about Christ. Stay on subject or I will delete your post. That includes you history/theology buffs:)

For my dear sister Maria

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just like us

Hi Kathryn:

Yes, there are so few pictures of Jesus laughing. That is why in the movie Passion, I enjoyed a "memory" he had of joking with his mother about the table. Ofcourse, this is not something that is in the bible but it brings out the humanity of Christ.

We have a tendancy to forget that he shared all our same emotions and was like us except in sin. So, it is good for us to reflect on this so that we may never hesitate to go to him for any of our needs.

Thanks, I've had a bit of a rough day today and this is a perfect ending because you made me smile in thinking about Him smiling. Good feeling.

I'm in Miami and this time change gets to me a bit. Thanks for sharing.

Yours in Christ,

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess