For Maria, the happiness in Christ thread

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This thread is for the purpose of sharing the good things that have happened with you and Jesus. Share experiences and positive messages about Christ. Stay on subject or I will delete your post. That includes you history/theology buffs:)

For my dear sister Maria

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Crown of Thorns

Dear Maria,
Im glad you have the picture back and love it. Your Mom can see Jesus face to face now and experience His love up close. She can see it all now-- the beauty in His sacrifice.

I have a picture of Jesus laughing with his head thrown back. I love this picture. And think it was a gift from the Lord, in a way. I had seen this picture in an expensive frame at a Christian book store and could not afford it. I asked the store owner if she had any prints unframed, and all had been sold. I asked if she would take my name and number in case anyone returned a print. When someone did several weeks later she called and could hardly believe a $6 print had been returned. I knew the Lord had spoken to the woman who had it and hadn't framed it. I found the perfect frame by removing a print from a picture I had purchased years before. I still have "Jesus Laughing" hanging in my great room.

Artist who paint the Lord sometimes are inspired, I believe, and perhaps they have seen a vision and were able to capture it. I'm sure your picture of Christ with the crown of thorns is beautiful and an expression of His great love for mankind.