For Maria, the happiness in Christ thread

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This thread is for the purpose of sharing the good things that have happened with you and Jesus. Share experiences and positive messages about Christ. Stay on subject or I will delete your post. That includes you history/theology buffs:)

For my dear sister Maria

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His lovingkindness

The song that the Spirit of the Lord gives in the midst of 'stuff' and finding myself singing anyway, the mercy that is new every morning, the peace that comes during and after spending time with Him, the joy that bubbles up and out, His presence that has such love, being with Him and in heaven forever when this physical body dies...there is so much yet so much more of Him is yet desired.

A person had a vision of a diamond that slowly rotated, pulsating like a heart beat with a radiating light that had many facets to it. A description was given that it was a vision about the many sides of God's love and His heart beat.

To come to Him as a little child which that in itself is a wonder to me...for such a simple and free way to come to Him, without the entanglements of my 'oldster' mentality getting in the way. How cool is that? And sometimes has been so difficult to do. But, He never gave up on me.

Jesus is just awesome! I am grateful that He reached down and through the cracks that I had slipped through and pulled me up to Himself, and to the Father. Truly, to love the Father as Jesus did...this I desire.

For such a time as this, going from glory to glory for His glory