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Hello to all-

This is a group that is vital to the Christian life. This is a group of God’s saints that pray for the good and necessities of all. This is a non-denominational prayer group. It is not only that but it is a group where one can come to and give God praise and thanks. Many are moved to praise and glorify, to acknowledge dependence, to worship and adore. In them, we might find words that will inspire us and fill us with love for Our Creator and Lord.

Many prayers may help us to build up a manner of being able to speak to God without fear and in love as to the One who loves us the most.

What then is prayer? Clearly, it is not just a feeling, not a mood. It is so much more. It involves the whole being of the person. It is the classic definition of the lifting of the mind and heart to God. It is when God and the soul are like two pieces of wax melted into one. Prayer is being to the spiritual life what breathing is like to the physical life.

If you are a prayerful person, then this group is for you, to find better ways to express what is in your heart, what at times, cannot be fully expressed in words. If you are here because of curiosity, then you may be moved by something here that may help you find further union with God.

The Gospels often mention that Jesus drew aside to pray. In the garden, His whole being became immersed in prayer. Reflecting on this scene, consider the words of Thomas Merton:

“Prayer and sacrifice work together; where there is no sacrifice, there will eventually turn out to be no prayer and vice versa. When sacrifice is an infantile self-dramatization, prayer will also be false an operatic self-display, or maudlin self-pitying introspection. Serious and humble prayer, united with mature love, will unconsciously and spontaneously manifest itself in a habitual spirit of sacrifice and concern for others that is unfailingly generous, though perhaps we may not be aware of the fact”.

I invite all prayer warriors to join the group and help us pray for all in need. It is so necessary and the Lord did beckoned us to do so. May He bless us all!

Maria Smith
CCEL Hostess

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DAILY PRAYER OFFERING For our brothers and sisters

Please pray for the following daily intentions. These will always be the same. You may add your own as before.

MONDAY: For Conversions to the Lord. For Our Country, Our Leaders in government. For our police officers and firemen. For our Doctors, Nurses, paramedics. For our Teachers.

TUESDAY: For Peace in the world. For a stop on communism. For all countries for good, peaceful leaders. For all terrorist to cease their evil methods. An end to wars. For war torned countries.

WEDNESDAY: For our children. For an end to abortion. For an end to pornography. For an end to hunger.

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I would like to make a request from all who are members of this prayer group. This request was given me by a member and I think it is a great idea.

We always want to keep all our members in prayers for their it temporal or not. We need to pray for each other's needs-even if a dollar short to make the rent.

Since we cannot know what is going on all the time, maybe by us following a specific time for this type of prayer, we can do each other so much good.

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Your Joy is your Maker,
Your Love is your Anointed One,
Your Torch is My Holy Spirit;
Live in my Love.

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Christian Unity

Every year, from January 18 to the 25th, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is observed by many denominations.

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Have an Intimate Relationship with God

This area was prompted by a request from V.Clark to ask everyone to build a relationship with God. This is the post:

Submitted by VClark37 on Wed, 2008-10-29 08:30.

"I would like for you to pray for people to have an intimate relationship with God. To submit yourself and tell your emotions, mind and flesh to sit down. God is in control and he loves us.
Trust him. Know him. Read his Word. Know that no matter what is happening in your life he turns the bad into good and the good into something even better. Go to your secret place and let him in.

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Let us all unite and pray with all our hearts for the sake of this country. So much demonic influences around our government... from the killing of babies in the womb to removing God from all government structures, monies, etc... Let us remember how this great country was founded... with God at the head.. trusting in Him... in our Declaration. This is what made our country great and with so many blessings. So much so that we have taken it for granted. We have forgotten WHO gave us these blessings and so now little by little they are starting to deminish.

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Prayer for All Babies

Prayer to end Abortions

Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of my life, and for the lives of all my brothers and sisters.

I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion, yet I rejoice that you have conquered death by the Resurrection of Your Son. I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.

Today I commit myself never to be silent, never to be passive, never to be forgetful of the unborn.

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Deliver us from Evil...

Many Christians are in a struggle between God and Satan. It could be because of the vast and quick type of communications that are available to us via the net or media and morality being at it's lowest.

Christians belong to God and Satan will do everything in his power to destroy that. That is his goal, his obsession. God has given us the means to overcome him and any of his evil spirits. Prayer.

Prayer overcomes every circumstance. So, here I will include some prayers for defeating the evil one.

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SCRIPTURAL Way of the Cross

The way of the Cross is a devotion in which we meditate on Christ's Passion and Death in order to put their meaning into our lives. This can serve as a revelation of the love of God for all people.

This devotion should lead us to do in our lives what Jesus did - we must give our lives in service of others.

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There is a Catholic devotion known as a novena.

This is the recitation of a prayer or prayers, for a specific intention(s) done a in public or
a private setting for an extended period of time, usually nine days or nine weeks.

I have included some that all Christians can use.

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Prayers to Jesus, friend of sinners, healer of all

We merely have to look around us and winthin ourselves to see that something is not quite right in the world. There are so many injustices to eliminate, divisions and discriminations to overcome.

Yet we know that it is not enought to change things externally unless the heart of people is also changed. The root of every evil reside in the free and conscious person and the name of it is sin. It is sin that breaks our relationship with God and neighbor.

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An Hour with the Lord...

These are 9 sections that will make up about an hour if you dedicate 5-8 minutes for each:

The are comprised of:

Holy Spirit
Prayer request

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Your Favorite Psalms

There are about 150 psalms - some psalms contain two or more songs. They are as varied as the subject matter. Praising God, showing confidence in Him, thanksgiving, etc.

Please take a moment and write down your favorite, give your reasons for it if you like. It is a wonderful way to pray that we should do more often.

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Morning prayer as is clear from many of the elements that make it up, is intended and arranged for the sanctification of the morning. Saint Basil the Great give an excellent description of its character in these words:

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The Prayers of Jesus

Jesus lived His entire life in communion with God. Reference is made in the Gospels on many occasions to His withdrawal to the desert for praying. (Matt 14:13; Mk 6:32; Lk 4:42)

Jesus prayed on important occasions of His public life, some are:
before His baptism (Lk 3:21)
before the call of disciples (Lk 6:12-13)
before the Eucharistic promise (Matt 14:23
before promise of primacy to Peter (Lk 9:38)
At His transfiguration (Lk 9:28)
before & during His Passion (Matt 27:46. Lk 22:39-46)
He prayed for the Glorification of His Father (John 2:27-28)

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Pray without Ceasing

Brother Lawrence (in his daily routines), and the early Hasidic leaders, each found different ways to pray while working, walking, in conversational breaks, cleaning up, cooking, and so on. You, too, have many opportunities for short sentence prayers of thanks or concern. For example:

• while sitting on a commuter train;
• while waiting at a doctor's office;
• between TV commercials (hit the mute button, pray for a moment);
• in any line while waiting

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Monthly virtue exercises

One of the main emphases in the spiritual direction of Saint Alphonsus might be labeled "growth through virtue." In his characteristic fashion, Saint Alphonsus proposed a practical plan that could help the ordinary person shape his conscious behavior according to the law of God.

He recommended the practice of giving special attention by reading, reflection, prayer and in daily living, to a single virtue each month. You may want to add others that you may have found useful

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Praise & thanksgiving to the Three Persons of God

All of us want to know about God but it is more important for us to know God -the way two people in love know one another as a result of an intimate personal relationship. This section is intended to do that. To give Our Lord and God praise and thanksgiving for the many wonderous things He has done for us.

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Prayers for Different States of Life

Christians are called to pray always. Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do, especially when we are busy with work, chores, children, etc. This section makes use of different state of people's lives.

This area can include prayers for ministers, fathers, mothers, law enforcers, doctors. When children start the school year, pray for them and their year ahead, pray for the unemployed, travelers, the elderly.

It is also a area to pray if you are in a bad mood or frame of mind, are moving or praying before a trip, praying when in doubt of something or for discernment.

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Prayers for Sickness and Suffering

When sickness strikes, it uproots us from our everyday life and our customary work schedule and makes us experience solitude and dependence on others as well as realizing how fragile is the character of life. We are called to live this event too in faith.

Many times, Our Lord does not free us from illness but He does something greater. He give meaning to suffering and He opens our hearts to hope. It can pave the way to a greater relationship with God.