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Tithing - it is under OT Laws.

There are 613 laws in the old testament (Old covenant), any references to tie thing discussed in the New Testament is simply Jesus talking to the legalistic & chiding or rebuking them for not following the one of the 613 laws. The point being, Jesus is alive (before crucifixion) and that means everyone falls under the Old Testament laws. After resurrection, we are longer under the laws (all 613), but under Grace. The laws of the old testament are to show us that we cannot keep them, that is the purpose of them, and that we need a savior, to which points to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ fulfilled the old testament and we are under a new and better covenant the New Testament. OT pointed to Christ - NT is The Christ (fulfillment). In my mind, like with any foundational principles, I keep in my files where we came from, but follow the update. I don’t live old & new simultaneously.
Now if someone wants to live Old Testament New Testament simultaneously then they need to keep all 613 laws, and not only pick up the one that benefits them (the church) such as tithing. In New Testament when Paul speaks, we are commanded to give there is no limit 10% 100% whatever the Holy Spirit leads. What I find interesting in pink’s book he writes that God implies tithing in New Testament but not actually using the word tithing.
God does not imply He makes everything perfect and to His specification which we know by OT standards. Pink is wrong. Tithing got re-introduced to by the missionaries in the 1700s when they needed money to build churches.
By NT standards, Tithing is a misuse of the original Jewish culture word and is nowhere spoken in New Testament.
I don’t believe in Tithing - I do believe in offerings & realize church bldgs cost money & need support.
I’ve pushed Pastors in answering the question if Tithing is NT commandment - and no is the answer. But - it’s a good practice to live by. Well that’s what is happening, only the people at the bottom of the food chain never hear this truth, and out of fear, guilt, they give. Not nderstanding the part about being a cheerfulgiver.

If any typos appear - sorry - I’m pluncking away via phone & microphone.

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