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Correction regarding Melchizedek [EDITED]

I must correct my statement regarding Abraham offering one-tenth of his total wealth. In Genesis, it says he offered one-tenth of "everything." I misunderstood this to mean of everything he had. However, the writer of Hebrews understood this to be one-tenth of everything he took in the war he had just fought. Therefore, since I believe the writer of Hebrews was inspired by God and more correctly understood the Old Testament than I do, I will change my understanding of the intended tithe of Abraham. It was intended to be one-tenth of the spoils.

However, as I read Hebrews, I was compelled to go back and look at Genesis. I would suggest that those who have been following this thread look at the entire chapter of Genesis 14. Like so many passages of Scripture, people know the general subject of the story and then draw their conclusions. There is no indication here that Abraham established a principle whereby he annually gave a tithe to the Lord. Nor is there any indication that Melchizedek expected or demanded a tithe. To make this a mandate for tithing is to add to Scripture.

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