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Study, not Read

I would like you to show me Dave, how it is better exegesis to conclude that these were sin offerings that Cain and Abel was offering. The text says Cain brought of the fruit of the ground and Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock. The offering of Abel was the firstborn of his flock, making it a offering of the incease of his flock. That is the principle of tithing, "the firstfruit of thine increase." You ask for another instance of tithing before Moses, Gen 28:22 shows Jacob saying he will give to God one tenth of the blessing God gives to him. What you are failing to admit is that the principle of tithing was being prcticed long before the law was given.

On the matter of the law, you have totally misread my previous post. I don't know how you came to this,

"As for the Law, you failed to correctly address why the Law is cancelled as a written ordinance. It is not for the purpose of creating a freedom to sin, as you have suggested might be the interpretation."

Where in my post did I make that suggestion. I instead wrote against that very position. Read it again and let me know where I gave that suggestion. I would appreciate it. I would love to see an exegesis from you on the issue of tithing, especially from the text that does speak to tithing.

I believe if we just forget about our positions on the issue and look at the purpose of tithing before the law and as it is instituted by the law, then we would definately be better informed on the issue. Deut. 14:22-29 is one such passage that speaks on tithing as instituted under the law. Verse 29 tells us the purpose of the tithe. This is not the only one but I challenge you to find the others and Study them, not read them. It would be worth it.

Dave if you can't see a distinction between ordinances and the law as used in scripture, then I must say you are hiding your face from the plain truth before your eyes in scripture. Maybe you need to Study these text not just Read them.

Keep Studying.