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Paul said in Galatians 1 that if anyone brings a gospel other that what he was preaching, let him be accursed. He said it twice for emphasis.

The word tithe does not appear in any of the writings of Paul or in fact any other epistle by Peter, James or John.

Tithing is in the Law of Moses. Christians are not under the Law. Read Galatians before you get sucked into what this guy is saying.

Ask yourself this question: How did a tithe defined in the OT as the fruit of the land and cattle get changed into money? Answer: by someone who twisted around and perverted the word of God and converted a biblical tithe into money.

God dealt with the Israelites about money in the offering. They were to bring in 1/2 shekel of silver both the rich man and the poor man for atonement of sins.

We are dead to the law thru the body of Christ Rom 6. The Law was not made for a righteous man but for sinners 1 Tim 1.

This man simply does not know the word of God.

See for more info on this.

Dr. Chet Sapino

Dr. Chet Sapino