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Have you ever wanted to find a good reference on a topic like prayer, baptism, election, whatever?

The CCEL has long had the ability to find books by author, title, scripture reference, full text search, etc. However, we haven't ever had a very good subject index.

We've added "tagging" as a means of building a subject index. Tagging means that users can add keywords to pages. Read something that you really liked about prayer? Add the "prayer" tag. Later, when someone searches the tags for "prayer," tagged references will appear.

If you are logged in and reading a book, there is a box in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen where you can add a tag. Just type in a word and hit enter. It's very fast and easy.

Currently, to search the tags, you click the Search tab and then click the Subject Tags tab. As more people tag pages, the search will get more useful and valuable.

Give it a try, and add comments here, or email us your feedback! Also, if you'd like to help out, tag a few of your favorite book sections.

Harry Plantinga
Director, CCEL

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