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I believe that a forum specifically for the ThML specification would be useful. And that it would be helpful if it had subsections, 1. for discussions concerning continued development of the specification, 2. for information, or a 'guide' to help individuals make use of ThML (such as software that can be used etc.), 3. for questions concerning the use of the specification.

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I have just downloaded some books, some are only available in Text or Thml. U have not been able to find how to read or access thml files. They will not open correctly in Word or a browser.
The limited help from CCEL which I found, assumes I have an MSC in Computer Science. I am computer literate:

The page (https://www.ccel.org/ThML/) is highly complicated, and is more about creating thml than reading them.
The Christian Scholar site has a free ThML viewer Does not exist.

"There is an XML DTD for ThML. The current version of the DTD (1.0) is available (ThML10.zip). This DTD includes (is a superset of, for the most part) the Voyager (XML) DTD of HTML 4.0.
Software for validating ThML documents, converting ThML to HTML, etc. is available for DOS (thmlx.zip) or unix (thmlx.tgz). This software has remaining bugs, but it works reasonably well."
I have no idea what any of this means or how I can use this.

Please can someone tell me where a simple reader or converter is for the thml documents. At the moment is seems it is merely a method for computer experts.
Or am I alone in this?

(In writing, could the reCaptch be simplifed. It is ridiculously complicated! in mny instances it is not clear what is in the pictures. Are the supports which hold a traffic light part of them?)

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