Americans running to Apocalypse

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Suddenly these natural disasters mean the end of the world. Go to you tube and you will see what I mean. Hundreds of clips proclaiming the end of the world is here. Other nations have been hit with disasters of this magnitude over the years,typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, volcano eruptions yet that didn't signal the Apocalypse. Only now that it's America, suddenly the world is ending? Religious prophecy (which, by the way, never mentions even the existence of the Americas) is supposedly being fulfilled...because we are .....America. The greatest country ever, proclaimed to have been founded on Christian principles, (go ahead prove that one to me, the american fathers were not Christian), and we are the center of Biblical Prophecy??? BS.. We are christian only in so far as we worship and obey God. After that, we are a pagan nation. Who is God's chosen nation in Revelations? ISRAEL...... and it states right there all nations (including America) will turn against her. We aren't a chosen nation, just adopted into a chosen people.

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First off, the correct spelling for Revelation is singular not plural.
Second, everything you need to know about the general context of the Book of Revelation is found in the first seven verses. The timing is 'soon', 1:1, 3, the who is Jesus as 'the ruler of the kings of the earth', :5 and the on whom is 'those that pierced Him', :7.
Third, starting in 4:1 judgment unfolds.

In summary, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, that King Jesus has taken His seat on His throne, Dan 7:13-14, is the burning of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, Mt 24:2.

Michael P. Hays

Michael P. Hays