Forgiveness - Luke 17:3

"Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and IF he repent, forgive him." - Luke 17:3 (KJV)
The verse above seems to indicate that forgiveness is mandatory only in case of repentance. What about when your brother refuses to repent? Or even better, if your brother does not admit to any wrongdoing? What are you forgiving them of, if they say they didn't do anything wrong?

I think many Christians have "gone off the deep end" in teaching forgiveness in ways that have become un-biblical. Teaching forgiveness, without teaching repentance, is doctrine that is out of balance. Does God forgive us if we do not turn from our sins? Or does God forgive us and save us, even if we live any kind of way and blaspheme his name, long as we warm a pew? JESUS taught that one sin is unforgivable (Matt 12:31) - blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. How can one be forgiven of blasphemy which is a rejection of God, when God alone saves? Are there churches forgiving blasphemies, when Jesus said not to?

Did Jesus say "I forgive you" while turning over tables in the temple (John 2:13-17)? Did Peter say "I forgive you" while rebuking an unrepentant Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-10)? Did Paul say "I forgive you" while rebuking an unrepentant Elymas (Acts 13:8-11)? Today, if a Christian shows any kind of backbone and stands up for something, they are the ones who are unforgiven, while the unrepentant run amok. Speaking the truth may not cost lives any more, in the USA, but it does cost in terms of well being and fame. What kind of a parent can say they love their child and does not correct their child, teach them right from wrong, whether the child wants to hear it or not.

Love is not just hugs, it is correction also -> Rev 3:19

New Testament - Repent 66 hits; Forgive 59 hits
Sunday sermons - Forgive 500 hits, Repent 0 hits


Maybe we'd see less "how could God let this happen" if more repentence were teached - - God does not "make things" (terrorism, mass shooting, etc) happen which are against his will. That is the sinful "will" of man happening.

Maybe we'd see more real miracles if churches returned to the real gospel, rather than the watered down version like you said. At the end of Mark, it said they went forth and preached the gospel with signs following. Instead people today look for the signs, instead of looking for the gospel. Miracles like in the New Testament would be more commonplace if the same gospel was being preached. How can people expect God to deliver them from cancer when they don't believe God can deliver them out of sin?

It's not about being perfect in terms of sinless, but sin in the life of the Christian should be the exception rather than the norm. What are we sowing into our minds? Pride, lust, envy will reap sin. I'm not against watching TV but what is being watched. I'm not against listening to secular music but is the music containing lyrics advocating the killing of cops, or is it music that speaks about the greatest commodity in the kingdom of God - love.

Grace be with you-