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The Colligation System.

The Colligation System.

I.Jesus Christ the Rock of Truth. II.The Law and the Prophets. III.The Apostles. IV.The Disciples. V.The Blessed.

This is a system of five that the Christian can at heart seek the Law of God the Father. The Word is bound in Law throughout the five.The instruction or interpretation that is not harmonized with all five is astray and doesn't belong as part of the assemblage, as built by the Holy Spirit.

Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures has authority when based on the word of Jesus Christ, that which he spoke from the beginning, for His Truth is of the Father and not of man. His Truth follows on from the Truth given to Moses in the Law. The Truth is given by Jesus Christ to the Apostles through the Paraclete. The Apostles sealed the Disciples with the Truth. The Blessed were visited by Jesus Christ or by the Messengers of God with the Truth.