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Catena Aurea-Matthew

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We are planning a group study on Aquinas' compilation of Patristic writers on the Gospel of Matthew. This would serve multiple purposes: 1) to provide a systematic study of the Gospel of Matthew 2) to give a sampling of Aquinas' thought 3) to engage people with the Early Church Fathers and their writings 3) to allow group members to access the books available in the CCEL collection 4) to give an accurate rendering of the theology and teaching of the Church up until the medieval period. We will begin signing people up in late July with a projected launch date after Labor day in September. Please respond to this thread post with your level of interest and availability as well as information about your background and likely level of commitment to the study. With your involvement, it should prove to be a worthwhile and edifying exercise. Peace.

new study has begun by tomgroeneman

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