Maybe God did not set us up in Eden

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We, as a culture, have resolved that God put the ingredients for man’s undoing, a tree and a tempter, in Eden along side of his utterly naïve and gullible creations. It was as if one put a toddler in a room with a land-mine with the strong admonition ‘Don’t touch that darling or it will kill you.’ There are few that have not, at some point, thought this a bit unjust.

However, in defense of God, might I suggest that the placement of the Tree of Knowledge in Eden, God's proscription, and man's decision were all simply a continuation of the process of creation itself? By this I mean the “creation protocol” for man was different than that of all the other creations. All the shrubs and beasts were created passively; they did not participate in their creation. However, in the case of Man, the last step was that the created, her and himself, take a hand in their own creation. Had God simply imbued man with the knowledge of good and evil, which, for the purpose of my argument, was his intent, rather than having man snatch it himself, perhaps we would be a sort of angel rather than whatever it is we are.