Call to Prayer

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How often have you longed to share a concern with someone and ask them to pray with you, but didn't want to burden anyone with your need? Too often, we try to be strong as rocks and resist sharing our burdens or asking for anyone else to pray for us. But it's scriptural to pray for one another, sharing our burdens and confessing our sins.

Sometimes we are afraid of sharing because we are among people we do not trust. Like in a small town, family or church situation. Of course, we are not meant to gossip other people's needs or sins while acting as though we are just "sharing a prayer concern." There must be a trust involved in praying for others or listening to their confessions.

We need to be a community of believers who can be trusted with each other's confessions and needs. We should try as hard as we can not to judge others as they are seeking to come to us with their prayer requests, etc. We must never be critical. It is sad to stand paralyzed, feeling alone in one's hour of need. God meant for the body of Christ to be one, to interact with one another. He is blessed by this!

Too many times I have held back in asking another Christian or the body to pray for a situation where I desperately needed support.

I have even been in a church where sharing needs was viewed as a sign of weakness. Or they just gave the person with the need scriptures to say. They replaced praying with just saying the scripture. God means for us to not be afraid of coming to Him with our prayers and needs. He shows up where at least two or three are gathered in His name. It doesn't mean we never talk to God alone, but sometimes we need one or more to come alongside us. There is just something even more powerful that happens as people pray together. We have to lay down our pride and ask! Pride can be a real hindrance.

Sometimes we need to just get over what others might think and reveal our need. But for some things, I do pick a prayer friend carefully, if the situation is extremely private and needs to be kept confidential between a friend or two rather in front of all. It's sometimes necessary to choose our prayer partners wisely, but don't go it alone!

I pray that on this forum we can be trustworthy people of prayer, to love one another, be helpful to one another, and be uplifting one another. Sometimes, though, someone may 5not ask for prayer, but we can see they need it. Go ahead and carry them to the Lord in prayer! What we do unseen and unheard by others is blessed by God as well. He sees and He hears and He still shows up and blesses.

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Lisa "HeartAblaze