Courtesy & Guestbook

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Members of this forum may post prayer requests and reply to requests to add our prayer responses to each other's prayer requests. We may also post praise reports and answers to prayer. In this way, we can lift one another to Our Father, bear one anothers burdens, encourage each other and rejoice together as God blesses and guides us.

In order to keep our group a safe & pleasant experience for everyone, we request an introduction from all who ask to join us.

When you request membership you will see or receive a comment form where you can tell us a little about yourself.

After you join, use this thread as a guestbook to introduce yourself and greet new members as they come in.

You may use these questions if you need some ideas:

1. Name, age, state or country, occupation.
2. Family - married? Single? Children? Pets?
3. Spiritual history, church background, current spiritual journey
4. Your reason for wanting to join us.

Don't let the questions scare you. They are just to help you if you need it. Three or four sentences will be fine. Once we receive your introduction, we will add you to our group!

Our prayer chapel is not meant to be a debate forum. We join together here support one another in prayer & encouragement.

We are looking forward to praying together.

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Matilda greets you from Ghana!

My name is Matilda Anokye. I am 21years old and I am from a country in Africa called Ghana. I am a student at the university of mines and technology. I am single. I am a person whose heart yearns to win souls for Christ so I am actually part of an outreach team in my country called precious soul and outreach work. I am actually a member of the Church of Pentecost. My reason for wanting to this group is to help pray for others; especially those on missions in other countries and also spriritually for me to be rekindled by the fire if prayer always by His Grace. Thanks.