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Pray, Praise & Ponder

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Come in! Share your prayer requests, testimony, your favorite Bible passages, encouraging thoughts, poems, songs, and insights on prayer.

Let's fellowship together in Abba's Family Room.


Our group is not meant to be a debate forum. It is of a prayerful, devotional nature. We share our thoughts, experiences, prayers and praise. We support one another in prayer & encouragement.

We are looking forward to praying & learning together with you.

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Call to Prayer

How often have you longed to share a concern with someone and ask them to pray with you, but didn't want to burden anyone with your need? Too often, we try to be strong as rocks and resist sharing our burdens or asking for anyone else to pray for us. But it's scriptural to pray for one another, sharing our burdens and confessing our sins.

Sometimes we are afraid of sharing because we are among people we do not trust. Like in a small town, family or church situation. Of course, we are not meant to gossip other people's needs or sins while acting as though we are just "sharing a prayer concern." There must be a trust involved in praying for others or listening to their confessions.

We need to be a community of believers who can be trusted with each other's confessions and needs. We should try as hard as we can not to judge others as they are seeking to come to us with their prayer requests, etc. We must never be critical. It is sad to stand paralyzed, feeling alone in one's hour of need. God meant for the body of Christ to be one, to interact with one another. He is blessed by this!

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Courtesy & Guestbook

Members of this forum may post prayer requests and reply to requests to add our prayer responses to each other's prayer requests. We may also post praise reports and answers to prayer. In this way, we can lift one another to Our Father, bear one anothers burdens, encourage each other and rejoice together as God blesses and guides us.

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Getting to know you!

Let's get acquainted. Tell us a little about yourself. Be sure to welcome new members as they arrive. May our fellowship be sweet.

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Prayer Requests Winter 2015

Lord, hear our prayers.

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November/December 2014

Father, random, pointless violence is increasing at an alarming rate here in Memphis, Tennessee. Bring cleansing & healing at the root of this violence so people have no desire to attack strangers with no provocation just for entertainment.

We need you in this city. We have a history of bondage, oppression & violence. Heal wounded, bitter hearts. Cleanse the generational sense of arrogance, defensiveness, anger & hopelessness that keeps our people & our city from achieving harmony & fruitfulness.

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Henry Nouwen on meditation

When Jesus says: "Sky and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away" (Luke 21:33), he shows us a direct way to eternal life. The words of Jesus have the power to transform our hearts and minds and lead us into the Kingdom of God. "The words I have spoken to you," Jesus says, "are spirit and they are life" (John 6:63).

Through meditation we can let the words of Jesus descend from our minds into our hearts and create there a dwelling place for the Spirit. Whatever we do and wherever we go, let us stay close to the words of Jesus. They are words of eternal life.

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Breath Prayers, or Prayer of the Heart

Some prayers seem to rise, naturally and without effort, from within our hearts. Perhaps you might be driving in the car or cooking a meal and suddenly realize your spirit is praying. These tend to be short prayers, consisting of just a phrase.

At most times of my life, I can remember having a "prayer of the heart." In my teenage years I prayed, "Jesus, let others see YOU through me."

In my late teens and early adult years, my heart cry was for wisdom. Then, I began to pray, "Lord, let me see as you see." (dangerous prayer!)

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What does a fruitful, mature prayer life look like?

I think most of us have an idea in mind of what a mature, effective prayer life consists of. There may be people we look up to that we consider to be more able to gain God's ear, or who we consider to be Prayer Warriors, far advanced beyond what we perceive our own prayer potential to be.

What are some of your ideas concerning this?

Is there someone you look up to in the area of prayer? Share your feelings or thoughts about this person or people. Why do you consider them more effective in prayer?

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Prayer is like breathing

Do you find it difficult to pray, or do you find prayer as natural as breathing?

For some, it seems to us that prayer is as they air they breathe, rising from the heart, a continual fragrant offering to God.

For others, it feels like a task, difficult to get past handing God a "to do" list.

We want move from a "Honey-Do" type of prayer life to a continual stream of communication with God.

Share some things you have found helpful in growing in prayer. We may explore these ideas more fully in future discissions.

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Poetry & Prose

Share your favorite poems, or let us read your original creations!

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"In reading this (Ephesian letter), you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Christ. Ephesians 3:4

The Secret of the LORD have they who fear and worship HIm and HE will show them HIS covenant and reveal to them its deep, inner meaning." Psalms 25:14

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Our sister patlove will be conducting this thread on "praying the psalms." I do have a recommendation for this thread that I think may greatly enhance this devotional practice and it is this: Look for Christ in the Psalms and turn the Psalms into prayer to and about HIM. Here is a quote by T.A. Sparks from "The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ" that I think you will find helpful: