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Bible Study Project beginning in 2014

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I have an interest to start a journey through Bible beginning in January 2014 and ending sometime in the next several years. I have been making posts in various Bible Study groups online explaining my hope to find a study partner. Another thought hit me recently...I could find an online forum (such as this) and use it to make posts as I proceed through the Bible. A study partner would be ideal but it may prove difficult to find a person to make a full commitment. Maybe someone can weigh in and let me know if this is a good forum to make such posts.

Here is what I have posted on various facebook groups and google+ groups:

I'm new to this group as of today...and I will say that I have joined for a specific purpose. I'm looking for a study partner. The study project is described below.

Here is my BIG Bible study project idea:

I'm posting this in multiple groups related to Bible Study for response and it made sense to post here. In relation to my study project I would need a response by December 28th. Specifically, I'm looking for Bible Study Partner (or partners) to do an "ongoing" study. I do warn you that this study would last for several years and I'm looking for someone to "COMMIT" to it.....so that means that you are truly interested in doing it 100% and you are not going to quit.

Goal: To go from the beginning to end of the Bible and look at original language (Hebrew and Greek) and the meaning and make personal notes. Do realize that you don't have to be able to read Hebrew or Greek already. The website that will be used for this, will do that for you. So no worries on that.

Please note that my general personal goal is to have a better grasp of the Bible from its original language and to have my own notes which I could interact with other believers or non-believers in the future. I am a student at heart and I realize that others don't get into studies of this nature and in many cases flee away....LOL. I get that about people who aren't of a studious nature....but I do think there has to be some other people out there like myself who would have an interest in doing a study of this magnitude. The greatest benefit I can think of at the moment for others.... is having notes for yourself from the original languages that you could understand and refer back to for future small group discussion or teaching or conversation. I believe there will be other benefits from a hermeneutic (translation & meaning gathering) standpoint but its hard to think all that out completely. I'm not trying to make a sales pitch ultimately. You would either have a genuine interest in such a study or you wouldn't.

It sounds really difficult to look at Hebrew or Greek but it actually isn't if you are familiar with www.blueletterbible.org. Once you get the hang of their website, it is easy to look at and find the Hebrew or Greek on their website.

I would like to make a weekly goal of doing around 30 - 50 verses a week. It would vary week to week but I would like to do a minimum of 30 verses per week. As far as the partner idea goes, all I would hope to do is to compare notes towards the end of the week ( Saturday would be our deadline but we could share our note prior to that day also) by sending an email to the other person or persons.

If this interests you, please email me at kentuckykaribou@gmail.com or send me a message on facebook. Also, if you happen to know of something like this that already exists, please share that also. Thanks!

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