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Navigation N00B question - Is there an EASY way to get back to the Book & location where I left of reading?

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The subject: "Is there an EASY way to get back to the book & location where I left off reading?" is the entire gist of it.
Is there a way to bookmark my location in the book I'm currently reading and navigate back to it quickly when I return to the site? Or, do I just need to cough up the $3.00 and download the Kindle edition from Amazon?


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Very easy

When you are reading online, drag your cursor through a couple of words and you should get a multi-colored highlighter box. I personally use yellow for where I left off and blue for corrections I have noted (I proofread). If you do this, the program will save your highlight, which is nice on long pages so you can easily find your place in the middle of the page. To remove a highlight, drag through the highlighted section (or a few extra characters) and select the remove highlight square in the highlight dialog box.

Even without highlighting CCEL online software remembers which page you were on in a book. When you bring the book up again, you will be taken back to the last page you were on.

Both of the above methods assume you have logged in before reading.

If you are on your HOME page, there should be a list of recent books you were reading in the right-hand column, so you can click and read. While you are in one book, the list may disappear, but if you have several books you are reading, you just click on HOME to get the list back. If you follow the first suggestion above, you can click on "My Annotation" just under you screen name to go back to any page with a few highlighted words.

Hope this helps.

Dave S.
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