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Pope Puzzles.

Now the Roman Catholic Church, will have two Popes, ' The Pope ' and ' The Pope Emeritus '.
Do you consider that there may be grounds in which they can work in conjunction in matters of reform, in comparison with how St Peter and St James did in Acts 15?
Reform such as recognizing ordination of women clergy, and in allowing Priests to marry?

Would you, as a follower of Roman Catholicism sanction reform on this basis? - for it is Biblical.
Would you, as one of another denomination or order, accept this kind of Biblical reform?
Would you, as one of another denomination or order, take umbrage at an instituting of St James to a secondary leadership role within the Roman Catholic Church?

Preamble:(added 2013-05-27)

Your church is complicit with the harm brought upon its followers, if in the due course of events, its laws are superseded by different circumstances, with which those laws being not remodeled by those of authority within your church, are responsible for causing that harm.

With this felicitous moment in Roman Catholic Church history, their church has the opportunity to emulate St Peter and St James in remodeling laws, for these today which are rueful, such as requiring all priests to be chaste, all who are not of the substance suitable for an unmarried chaste life, and some cause damage; and laws which don't concur with the changed status of Women within our global world, those laws being set for the Levant of Roman times, where Women of those times had little status with the masses, and where the Word would have been derided when sent by Women disciples, in those inclement times.


So far at this stage (2013-06-30) unsubstantial comments have addressed the subject, e.g's - Jeff: he infers that the content is amiss, but is mute as to which vital points are amiss; and Prowler: who states that the content makes assumptions, which is baseless, for the content as stated - is for one to consider.

Here are some formalities for any ongoing future discussion, should there be any who choose to address the post's premise, that the two Popes of the Roman Catholic Church have an opportunity to remodel harmful church regimen, to enact reform and be in line with our current times and knowledge. Two areas of damage concerning the churches of today, pederasty and pedophilia upon our children; and the deprivation of status within the church upon our Women; are examples where reform can prevent harm from those who intervene with their fiendish reach; and where it can uplift Women for their work within the flock.

1: Pope Francis represents Peter, and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI represents James the Just by way of this post's description of reform.
Observations of Roman Catholic etiquette have seen Francis seated on the right and Benedict on the left, and both dress in the white robes of holiness.

2.Peter, in Holy Scripture is named Chief Apostle and addresses councils as such. James in Holy Scripture, is Judge in disputes concerning the church, and judges councils as such.

3.The decrees of the forefathers are written for example in Deuteronomy 17, of which Peter and James emulated in likewise fashion, modeled for their times, of Acts 15.

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