Are Christians In Their Practical Life Monotheists?

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I was laying in bed tonight wanting to get some sleep and I kept thinking about a trinitarian theology of justice (I realize that's strange but its perfectly normal for me). So rather than lay there fretting over it I decided to get up and look at one of the locus communis on this topic The Trinity by Karl Rahner. One caveat before I go any further. If you are new to the Christian faith or still learning about the faith I don't recommend Rahner as a source for you. As I was reading away I came across something interesting he said and it got my attention viola! a blog post was born.

So here is what Rahner had to say.

“Despite their orthodox confession of the Trinity, Christians are, in their practical life, almost mere ‘monotheists’. We must be willing to admit that, should the doctrine of the Trinity have to be dropped as false, the major part of religious literature could well remain virtually unchanged”.

“We may hope that any material could be pressed into service in the attempt to destroy once and for all the false conception that a ‘speculative’ doctrine of the immanent Trinity may perhaps be conceivable today, that it is a completely idle and irrelevant undertaking, possessing neither spiritual nor religious interest to the modern Christian and theologian”

Now I am curious, does anyone believe this might be true? I will even settle for a feeling. Does anyone feel that there is a possible hint of truth here? And the reason I ask is quite legitimate. From my perspective, as I look around at Churches today especially contemporary evangelical types, I do see Rahner's thesis being demonstrated practically. Now I am not saying that contemporary evangelicals are self consciously Modern in their theology. But, I do get the impression they view the trinity as "something we we believe" but not to be central to or inculcated in the life of the church.

Am I being too harsh? It's not intentional. I raise this question out of genuine concern. Moreover, I believe many of the ecclesial problems evangelicals experience today can be answered with a return to a healthy understanding of the ontological trinity. What says you?

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I Believe Your Off The Track

Brother Jeff,

I believe you have stepped over the cliff here with this comment.

There is nothing that can be gained, by which you are doing here, is going to bring us together, when you make such comments as this.

G-d's Desire is that we are to become ONE as He IS ONE!

Your trying to address something that Constantine Instituted. His reason is really the main reason we are so divided in The Church today. His desire was to remove The Hebrew way of thinking and replace a more Greek context to Christianity that has existed right up to today!

We have a Hebrew Bible, with Hebrew People speaking a Hebrew Language, and Constantine desired a more Greek Christian Church, that fit into his Greek way of thinking! This is where you can start the argument, and not about The Roman Catholic Church, which came about, because of this Change by Constantine's edict, because of his Mother's Desires to be more Greek than Hebrew/Jewish.

Most of our Church History has change it's course from the Coming of Constantine as The World's Power Broker in his day in tome.

Here is where you can discover just what really happened!

I hope I have not popped you bubble, just joking, because this period in Time is where you find out how divided we are as Christians!

Our Early Church Fathers would have turned away from Constantine, but that is what really did happen.

Shalom, Lee...