Are tounges a mystery language known only by God or anther language?

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During the pentecost Peter is said to speak in anther tounge, could this just be the Greek language. Also in 1Corthinians where it is talking about spiritual gifts it says that if one is speaking in tounges in must be interperted or it is for nothing. If the spiritual gift is anther language can't anyone learn it and that is not a gift from God. Does anyone have some insight on the subject of tounges.

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re Clarification

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the mess up. We need to keep in mind that at Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was poured out and the apostles began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance, this was the first time the Spirit had been manifested in that way.

When the apostles spoke in tongues, the Jews from the surrounding nations understood them, each in his own language.
The gift of the Spirit known as speaking in tongues is a manifestation where no one knows what is being said. IOW it is not understood.

I'm kinda loosing track of where we're headed. Sorry

I know the feeling. Sometimes topics get taken captive by other subject matter.

The manifestation of the Spirit and the gift of the Spirit are not the same although the Spirit is the same.

Now that you are totally confused, I will rest.. LOL

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