Are tounges a mystery language known only by God or anther language?

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During the pentecost Peter is said to speak in anther tounge, could this just be the Greek language. Also in 1Corthinians where it is talking about spiritual gifts it says that if one is speaking in tounges in must be interperted or it is for nothing. If the spiritual gift is anther language can't anyone learn it and that is not a gift from God. Does anyone have some insight on the subject of tounges.

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Hi Jeff, You wrote " I don't

Hi Jeff,

You wrote " I don't see that Paul had already shown them to be unrecognizable languages."

Well if no one understands the tongue, is it not unrecognizable? I think we are getting caught up in semantics and need to stay on topic without use of conjecture and inference.

You then wrote " where did you get the phrase "prayer tongue." Is that your interpretation or did Paul use that phrase somewhere."

I call them prayer tongues since the one who speaks in a tongue is speaking to God and not man. Prayer is when we speak to God, so I did use the phrase "prayer tongue" for that reason alone.

The words prayer and tongue are not shown together in Paul's letters I agree. Yet he says that speaking in a tongue is speaking to God and not man. So I am assuming he was referring to prayer since he said it is unrecognizable.


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