Read the Fathers, a reading group to study patristics

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I'm getting together a reading group to study the church fathers, using the texts available on CCEL. Here is the idea:

By reading seven pages a day for seven years, you can study a vast library of theology, history, liturgy, apologetics, biblical commentary, and devotion written in the first seven centuries of the Christian church. We provide a schedule of readings, the texts in English translation, and—most important—a community to discuss what you're learning. Laypeople, clergy, seminarians, students, and Christians of all denominations will benefit from joining our community to read the church fathers.

The site is available here:

We get started at the beginning of Advent, on December 2. I thought people at CCEL might be interested in joining in. If you're interested, let me know. Perhaps there will be enough interest to start a CCEL reading group.

Patristics by tomgroeneman
Read the Fathers by lmullen

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