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I AM TAKING A BIBLE STUDY COURSE ON THE BOOK OF MATTHEW .In matthew chapter two versus 15 it reads OUT OF EQYPT I CALL MY SON. The son we all know is JESUS. question 1 ] Why did GOD call Jesus out did JESUS pass GOD'S test while being tempted in the wilderness the answer would be yes . QUESTION 2 wAS JESUS the chosen messiah ? Yes . QUestion 3 What was this call for . repentance , salvation , his followers [ the 12 disciples] all who believe that Jesus is the SON OF GOD . YES. How long time-line wise was JOSEPH , MARY AND THEIR SON JESUS in EQYPT FOR , AND at a young age was JESUS taught by the eqyptian scholars at that time or wa Jesus home-schooled by his parents until he wa called out please reply

Jesus' early life by noprem
re Pass a test by ElderDad
Jesus' early life by noprem
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