Acts 1:14

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In his Acts commentary on chapter 1, Calvin comments this way re: the constant prayer the church engaged in after Christ's ascension:
"Furthermore, Luke doth express two things which are proper to true prayer, namely, that they did persist, and that they were all of one mind. This was ART EXERCISE of their patience, in that Christ did make them stay a while, 54 when as he could straightway have sent the Holy Spirit; so God doth oftentimes drive off, 55 and, as it were, suffer us to languish, that he may accustom us to persevere. The hastiness of our petitions is a corrupt, yea a hurtful plague…"(CAPITAL MINE).

I'm very interested to know
1) If that is a correct copying of his words. Is Calvin calling Christ's temporary withholding of the Spirit an "art exercise of their patience", or could it be that this was copied wrong, and should read, "AN exercise of their patience" (CAPITAL MINE).

2) If "art" was the word Calvin chose, does he use it on a regular basis?

Can anyone help? Thank you.

Dean Van Farowe
Cleveland, Ohio

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