Hi all-

I am interested in learning more about medieval ideas and wanted to know more about the languages spoken in the Holy roman empire, although it was mostly german. So far I have found out that Latin was an official language for a long time, but the last 200 years german was more dominant. I tend to think that the reformation had something to do with the language change. I don't know if I have time to learn both latin and german (or desire!), but I think that to understand what the monks were learning at that time would be invaluable to Christians. Thanks for your help!


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yes Tom,

the philokalia is a great book, it is a little mystical at times, and quite repetive, but I gain deeper perspective on my own daily walk every time I read the philokalia, kind of like a long devotional, although they have a fifth book that is still untranslated...

St John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Francis E Sales, Brother Lawrence, got it! thanks for your time