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Earthquake or Coincidence?

The logical title should be: Coincidence or What?, but the whole thing is so troubling to me that it makes more sense to title it oxymoron.


Today's weak little earthquake: http://www.ocregister.com/news/earthquake-350595-mile-details.html#article-comments put me back on my feet and i got to go do what's past due, but i feel i should tell you first:

here follows the comment i sent shortly after the quake to the O.C. Register, the info media i first clicked (somewhat randomly) in Google (just after looking at USGS) (N.B. the time given in USGS as 17:37:02 UTC, is 10:37:02 am PDT.):
1. the O.C. Register did not post my comment -- could it be because it required Facebook, which i do not have, nor plan on getting? … ? nevertheless, it confirmed having receiving it around 11am PDT …
2. i edited the comment, added in [ ] for some clarity.]:
i was extremely surprised to find out it was only 3.9. Unless degree takes into account duration: my impression is that it was extremely, incredibly short for such a strong quake [2 seconds at most].

My subjective experience was stronger than with the earthquakes [of up to 7.8 Richter] from the past 20 years. As with past earthquakes, i did not feel well for some time until it happened, this time [the malaise] was longer than usual, because this lasted for the past 2-3 days. Also, i had important things to resolve over the weekend, but instead i spent all my time to communicate with people about things i now see i would have wanted to tell before i died [one of these is my Q in the CCEL Interdenominational Discussion Room about Apostolic Succession]. Last night i woke up many times with this impression that death is coming to me soon. It does not relate to anything i know of, though. Around 10:20 [this a.m.] i had to take a break to recollect my thoughts. i was [in turmoil] because my relationship with God is so weak and was telling Him to forgive me for not doing what i was supposed to do this weekend, i was asking Him to increase my receptivity to His will, because it is very stressful not to know wether i do what i should. At that moment i felt the earthquake, and i am trying to say in words what i felt: i felt this is the strongest ever, if it lasts it's the end, but i feel in my aching heart that God won't allow it, He is admonishing us stronger this time -- and it stopped. I asked forgiveness for my impatience, my lack of discernment and for not trusting God enough. When the earthquake stopped i instantly felt well again, all the malaise from the past 2-3 days was gone, and all the worry for the huge problems that i did not take care of this weekend is gone also. Now i go to take care of them.

Thank you for asking. May God Bless you.

PS I [had] started feeling bad and had nightmares from Friday [04/20/2012] night when i read in the National Catholic Register this blog about SSPX:
http://www.ncregister.com/blog/pat-archbold/sspx-in-heretics-out/. Coincidence being what it is, i thought i should tell you.

i believe, CCEL Forum, you see what i mean.

So i ask you:
If you pray to God to give you the answer, how do you see it?
If you pray for God's Inspiration, what do you feel/think/see about the SSPX issue?

I thought to post this comment on the mentioned blog but there is something that stops me, like a demonic darkness, the same crap that made me sick last Friday.

Please send me your thoughts. And please pray for the true resolution of this SSPX according to the Will and Wisdom of God.

Thank you.

In The Name Of Jesus Christ

May God Bless You.

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