What is Apostolic Succession?

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reply to Tom

Concerning your statement "There are a few other denominations that claim Apostolic succession, but the RCC is the only Church where the records and writings of the Early Church Fathers demonstrate this physical line of succession from the twelve to the bishops and clergy by the laying on of hands." Interestingly there are other catholic denominations, all that I am familiar with, use the same "list" as do the Roman Catholics except since they are off-shoots of the RCC their list changes from the date that they began anew. So if one studies the list of say, most independent Catholic churches, and examined the their list of Apostolic Succession, for the first thousand years or so, it would be identical to the RCC version. Even the Pope a few years ago gave acknowledgement to that fact hoping to bring some of them back to the "flock". One in particular was the "Old Catholic Church" which has moved in that direction. There have been many examples of RC bishops working in a cooperative manner with some of the reformed catholic groups. Most,rather quietly.