What is Apostolic Succession?

Stone Hewn out of the Rock.

Jeff, you wrote that Peter is a stone and that Christ is the rock, and that this is something you believe.

This is quite prescient of you, for there are holy MSS available which concur with your belief, but are outside your church cannon, and so are termed spurious by you, on going by your previous comments from another thread. For that reason you probably have not read those MSS.

Do those held back MSS give you strength to your argument? Or is your argument's strength lessened?

Do you now revoke what you have written as to your belief on Peter being a stone and that Christ is the rock, because it is according to your church - from spurious MSS?

Your strength of argument surely would remain, and you would be directed by MSS over a church dictum, if your argument is strong - as a rock.