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Unlocking The Bible in Here A Profitable Thread Maybe.

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I guess I hope I've posted appropriately.

I guess I want to share my knowledge with you all and part of it may be found in a forum.

I guess I went into an atheist forum looking for people who intend to discuss maturely also I guess I learnt that the forum is set for atheist who tell each other their disagreement of Christians so it did become hard to discuss and people were not afraid to show their displeasure. I have avoided more detail so maybe you will try to avoid posting in there if you are unsure of your skills I guess.

Maybe you will use it for seeing if I posted anything of use.

I may post in here in the future also for example you may read some below I guess.

Chapter LIII.—Everything Has Its Corresponding Contrary.

“Therefore this division holds in all the things of the world; and as there are pious men, so there are also impious; as there are prophets, so also there are false prophets; and amongst the Gentiles there are philosophers and false philosophers. Also the Arabian nations, and many others, have imitated the circumcision of the Jews for the service of their impiety."

The website and thread name Bible Unlocked in Here below I Guess.

I guess I received a temporary ban unfairly so you may try again later if it doesn't work. It seems the moderators and I didn't have the same opinion of fairness I guess.


Anyone wishing to learn with me may send an email tjkelly@live.co.uk also I may have more which is not available from anyone else by writing or speaking I guess.

If there is an error in the email address you may search the thread of the forum I guess.