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There may have previously been a thread on this subject, but I don't find it high enough in the list to see it. Therefore, I will start a thread and let it take its course. The purpose of this topic is to provide a place other than the Study of the Gospel of John, where it has become a side issue with considerable activity. Unfortunately, it is off-track there, so here it is in the open forum. The purpose is to give a place to post items dealing with traditional Reformed Theology. Because CCEL comes out of the Reformed community, there are many books dealing with Reformed Theology and Preaching in the CCEL library. However, in keeping with the ecumenical effort of the founders and supporters of this site, there are also books in the CCEL library that disagree with Reformed Theology. Sooooo, let me remind all participants in this forum, "Keep it loving, or keep it at home."

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While I have not been introduced to the difference between the two, I think I get the point. I can attest to the fact that Andrew Murray, within the framework of his Reformed education and ministry, emphasized the "predestined to good works" more than the "predestined to salvation," or what might be called "Practical Theology." His sermons do not emphasize the theology so much as the application of the theology. Since this forum began as an offshoot of the John 10 thread dealing with Reformed theology and moral issues, I think those who think Reformed preachers don't emphasize how we therefore should live, they need to acquaint themselves with the preaching as well as the teaching. Also, as you are undoubtedly aware, there is a wide world of difference between a theological textbook and a devotional booklet, as well as a difference between what I would teach in a Bible class and what I would preach from the pulpit. Preaching and teaching are two distinct ministries, which are not identical. Abraham Kuyper, for example, wrote theological texts, while Andrew Murray preached and wrote devotionals.

My purpose in adding Andrew Murray to was to give an example of the preaching ministry to balance the teaching part.

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