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The Secret Agent


Think about the Holy Trinity and your head may start to hurt. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Three persons, but only one God. It occurs to you that you do not know how to picture this three-and-one. Who is this mysterious being? How many of him are there? Do you imagine a single transcendent person so versatile that he can create, redeem, and cleanse like a fresh wind? Can he do these things simultaneously? Just one person who, so to say, wears three hats or plays three roles?

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Holy Trinity

Gen 1:26 In the beginning God said “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness”. Here God speaks of Himself in the plural possibly referring to the Holy Trinity of the Godhead- Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. God describes the creation of man in His own image and likeness. The only image or likeness that man can possibly mirror our great almighty God, is our being triune in similarity to His Divine Trinity. Man was also created a triune being having a body, soul, and spirit. 1.) We have a fleshly body, 2.) we have a mind, thought, and consciousness, and 3.) we have an inner spirit. We are created to glorify our Lord in body, soul, and spirit.