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Discuss How Was the Sermon?

How Was the Sermon?


"Nice sermon, pastor," the friendly woman said as she breezed through the narthex door. "That sermon just didn't do anything for me," the disappointed man said as he tugged on his coat and headed to the parking lot. The one comment tells the preacher generally that she may have done a good job; the other tells the preacher generally that something may have gone wrong. But in both cases it's that adverb "generally" that is the problem.

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How Was the Sermon?

I find the article places much emphasis on the preacher. Being the son of a minister, I grew up with some different standards for preaching that do not appear in this article.
1. When you preach you must speak with a certain authority from God - this is how it is for thus sayeth the Lord. ( this did come out somewhat in the article where it said: ". . . truly biblical sermons are those that proclaim the truth of the text.")
2. Preaching needs to open up scripture, not just talk about scripture. There is a principial difference between the two.
3. Preaching must be Christ centered.
4. As Martin Luther once said: All preaching must leave the listener at the feet of Jesus

If people do not feel that have seen or met Christ and his saving grace then it really wasn't a sermon. It was just a talk or a lecture.
If the sermon is all about what we have to do as Christians then it is not a sermon but just a pep talk.