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Discuss What's Right with the Prosperity Gospel?

What's Right with the Prosperity Gospel?


An Economy of Abundance

In contrast to the logic of scarcity with which we are all too familiar, Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann put his finger on the pulse of God's economy by describing it as a "liturgy of abundance." God's economy, he pointed out, assumes the abundance of creation and so refuses the miserly hoarding and competition yielded by the myth of scarcity. It's Pharoah's logic, he suggested, that generates an economy of fear: "There's not enough.

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Managing the wealth of others

The article by Smith makes it clear that in God's prosperity gospel there is no lack. Those whom God blesses with prosperity are given opportunity to manage that prosperity on behalf of others who are lacking in skill necessary to manage on their own. The truth of this abundance gospel chases away the fear of being without should it be given away.

Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. -Proverbs 18:2 NIV
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The Good Old Days

Most of us can look back on life and talk about the good old days which usually means we were poor and happy. Why? The good old days were not good because we were poor, they were good because the things which were important were the things we deemed to be important; the point being all we had for enjoyment was the relationships of the people we loved.
The same can be said of prosperity. The good life I now lead 50 years latter is not good because I have more money. Having more money may buy me more things and ease the burden of paying my bills, but it has nothing to do with enjoying life. What was important 50 years ago is still important today and just as then it has nothing to do with physical prosperity and everything to do with spiritual prosperity.
The good life is always the same; it is about who you love and who loves you. Love starts with God, then others and finally a wholesome love of self.

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Prosperity Gospel

The real challenge of the Gospel is to maintain its tensions -- for example, between justice and mercy, holiness and forgiveness, or "already" and "not yet." Most distortions of the Gospel occur because of the human tendency to try to resolve those tensions into and "either/or." So, the legitimate concept of abundance in the biblical message becomes the expectation that God's goodness will be manifest in immediate material blessings. I think this is a really wonderful treatment of this complex issue, pointing out that the promise of abundance has to be held alongside a commitment to justice for the poor. Those who enjoy material comfort too easily sneer at the longing of the poor for their share of the world's abundance, which is the intuition behind the prosperity Gospel.

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This short remark you've left is brilliant. Americans seem particularly prone to the Prosperity Gospel, and evil men prosper just as much as 'good' men. The prosperity Gospel has done untold damage to the spreading of the Gospel. It is an absolute tragedy.