While the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) would prefer not to use advertising, the circumstances surrounding CCEL's existence and continued operation currently require the funding generated through the placement of ads on the CCEL Web site and in the CCEL newsletter.

The usage (and the cost accordingly) of the CCEL Web site has grown immensely over the last 19 years, and the CCEL staff has struggled with how to deal with this growth and associated costs.  Consultants and advisers have recommended to us that we make our library a fee based Web site. CCEL is adamantly against this approach to meeting the increasing financial challenges.  Instead, CCEL offers its users the opportunity to donate supplemented with advertising revenue. Neither of these approaches alone provides a complete solution to the financial challenge faced by this non-profit organization. So we are fortunate that our users do donate and that our users do purchase advertising. In addition, we must use ad brokers.

CCEL uses the following guidelines concerning advertisements: