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Ideal Life (Henry Drummond)

Imitation of Christ (Thomas à Kempis)

In His Steps (C. M. Sheldon)

In Praise of Folly (Desiderius Erasmus)

Incendium Amoris (Richard Rolle of Hampole) [Latin]

Indexes to Hymn Translations by John Brownlie (John Brownlie)

Indexes to The Hymnal, 1916 (Stephen Hutcheson)

Indian Methodist Hymn-Book (Thomas Crosby)

Inner Life of Dame Gertrude More (Augustine Baker)

Inner Way (John Tauler)

Innocence of Father Brown (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Inquiry into the Original, Nature, Institution, Power, Order, and Communion of Evangelical Churches (John Owen)

Inspiration and Interpretation: Seven Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford: With Preliminary Remarks: Being an Answer to a Volume Enti (John William Burgon)

Institutes of the Christian Religion (John Calvin)

Institutio Christianae Religionis vol. 1 (John Calvin) [Latin]

Institutio Christianae Religionis vol. 2 (John Calvin) [Latin]

Interior Castle or The Mansions (St. Teresa of Avila)

Introduction to the Devout Life (St. Francis of Sales)

Introduction to the New Testament (Louis Berkhof)

Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek. Additional Notes. (H. B. Swete)