Christian Classics Ethereal Library in Chinese (中文)

These are Christian Classics translated into Chinese selected for your edification and comparative study. All files stored locally on this server are believed to be freely distributable provided that proper credit is retained for the hard labor of the translators and publishers where noted. Please note that the CCEL cannot vouch for the accuracy of any translated material.


Creeds, Liturgy, Church Order

The Apostles Creed [Chao]
Nicene Creed [Chao]
Athanasian Creed [Chao]
The Belgic Confession [Chao]
Canons of Dort [Chao]
Heidelberg Catechism [Chao]
Westminister Larger Catechism [Chao]
Westminster Confession of Faith [Chao]


Calvin, John (1509-1564) [CS]


Luther, Martin (1483-1546)
Ninety-Five Theses | CS ]


Holy Bible
Chinese Union Version, Shangti traditional punctuation and Shen new punctuation editions.
Chinese Union Version PDF files provided by IBS, Hong Kong.


Creeds, Liturgy, Church Order

Apostles' Creed
Nicene Creed


Holy Bible
Apocrypha. published in 1898 by Episcopal Church of America. (in progress)

Roman Catholic

Creeds, Liturgy, Church Order

Catechism of the Catholic Church [GB | Big5]


Holy Bible
CCbible provided by Studium Biblicum O.F.M.

Eastern Orthodox

Creeds, Liturgy, Church Order

Nicene Creed (Symbol of Faith) [Moscow]
Orthodox Catechetical Prayer Book [Big5 | GB]
Sunday Oktoech (1884, in progress)
Horologion - Book of Hours (1913, in progress)
Holy Resurrection Service (1918, in progress)
(Funeral Service, published in 1884, courtesy of Fr. Dionisy Pozdnyaev) [Big5 | Word doc]
Synopsis of the Divine Liturgy. 1884. (in progress)
Festal Menaion. 1884. (in progress)

Lives of Saints

Prologue from Ohrid
A modern Chinese Orthodox translation project of the Prologue from Ohrid. The preliminary translation of the Lives of Saints section is already in progress.
St. John Maximovitch Bishop of Shanghai (1896-1966)
A Notice on the Orthodox Martyrs of China from the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
(1901, in Greek from a photocopy courtesy of HTM, Brookline MA) pg 1, 2


Holy Bible
Psalter. 1879. (in progress)
New Testament. 1864. (in progress)
Gospel of St John. 1822. (Manchu language, in progress)

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