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H. B. Swete

English biblical and patristic scholar

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 H. B. Swete
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Henry Barclay Swete was educated at King's College London and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, and in 1858 was ordained. After some years of work in various country curacies and livings he became in 1869 theological lecturer and tutor at Caius College.

In 1881 he was appointed professor of pastoral theology at King's College London.. In 1890 he succeeded Brooke Foss Westcott as regius professor at Cambridge, and retained this position until 1915, when he retired with the title of emeritus professor.. He was in 1911 appointed an honorary chaplain to King George V.

Swete's works on Biblical texts are of high importance. In 1887 he published the first volume of his edition of the Greek text of the Old Testament, completing the series in 1894 (3rd ed. 1901-7), while in 1898 appeared the Greek text of the Gospel of St. Mark, with notes and introduction (2nd ed. 1902) and in 1906 that of the Apocalypse of St. John (2nd ed. 1907).

He was the editor of Cambridge Theological Essays (1905) and Cambridge Biblical Essays (1909), and was a contributor to Smith and Wace's Dictionary of Christian Biography (1882-87) and Hastings's Dictionary of the Bible (1899-1900). He also produced many historical and critical works, including The Apostles' Creed in Relation to Primitive Christianity (1894; 3rd ed. 1899); Church Services and Service Books before the Reformation (1896); Patriotic Study (1902); The Appearances of Our Lord after the Passion (1907; 2nd ed. 1908), and The Last Discourse and Prayer of Our Lord (1913).


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Henry Swete's An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek has been helping scholars and students for over a hundred years. The work provides an introduction to the Septuagint--the Greek version of the Old Testament. Swete--who was the Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge--provides an exhaustive analysis of Septuagint. In the first part, he provides the textual history of the Greek Old Testament, including its different editions and traditions. In the second part, he covers different manuscripts, and compares the "textual divisions" between them. In the third part, he more explicitly addresses the literary usages of the Old Testament Greek and its latter impact. This work is an indispensible tool for anyone curious about the Greek Old Testament. As one reader wrote, this book is a "veritable storehouse of materials... for study of the [Greek Old Testament]." A great reference work, An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek is the standard by which other treatments of the Greek Old Testament are measured.

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