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« Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius Aguirre, Joseph Saenz de Agur »

Aguirre, Joseph Saenz de

AGUIRRE, ɑ̄-gîr´re, JOSEPH SAENZ, sɑ̄nz, DE: Spanish cardinal; b. at Logroño (60 m. e. of Burgos), Spain, Mar. 24,1630; d. in Rome Aug. 16, 1699. At an early age he entered the Benedictine order, and became abbot of St. Vincent at Salamanca, and in 1666 professor of theology in the university there; he was also a consultor of the Spanish Inquisition, and ultimately superior-general of the Spanish congregation of his order. In 1686 Innocent XI. made him cardinal as a reward for upholding the papal authority against Gallicanism in his Defensio cathedræ S. Petri adversus declarationem cleri Gallicani anni 1682 (Salamanca, 1683). The most important of his numerous theological and philosophical writings are his Collectio maxima conciliorum omnium Hispaniæ et novi orbis (4 vols., Rome, 1693; new ed. by Catalani, 6 vols., 1753) and his unfinished Theologia S. Anselmi (3 vols., 1679-85; 2d ed., 1688-90).

(A. Hauck.)

Bibliography: H. Hurter, Nomenclator literarius recentioris theologiæ catholicæ, ii. 521-552, Innsbruck, 1893.

« Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius Aguirre, Joseph Saenz de Agur »

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