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« Acacius of Constantinople Acacius of Melitene Acca »

Acacius of Melitene

ACACIUS OF MELITENE, mel-i-tî´ne: A bitter opponent of Nestorius in the Council of Ephesus in 431; d. after 437. A homily delivered by him at Ephesus and two letters to Cyril are in MPG, lxxvii. 1467-72. Melitene was a town of Armenia Secunda, the modern Malatie.

G. Krüger.

Bibliography: M. Le Quien, Oriens Christianus, i. 441, Paris, 1762; Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, ii. 271, 275, 314; DCB, i. 14-15.

« Acacius of Constantinople Acacius of Melitene Acca »

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