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Jerome, Letter 120: To Hedibia (2009)

Jerome – Epistle 120 – To Hedibia

English translation by James Snapp, Jr. via Google™ Translate

This English translation is hereby released into the public domain.

July 20, 2009

            Having found, side-by-side at http://remacle.org/bloodwolf/eglise/jerome/hedibia.htm , the Latin text of Jerome’s Epistle 120 – To Hedibia, I used the online Google™ Translate tool to render the French text into a mechanical sort of English.  I then took my best guesses about what the text meant.  In the Preface and in the first three questions, I consulted the English translation already made by Roger Pearse, and Burgon’s rendering of part of the text, found on pages 53-54 of his 1871 The Last Twelve Verses of Mark

            What you read here should not be considered completely reliable as far as details are concerned, and here and there I suspect that I completely obscured the actual meaning of Jerome’s statements.  Nevertheless, this rough English text has some value because it is, as far as I know, currently the only complete English translation of Jerome’s Epistle 120.  Also, by comparing this material to James Kelhoffer’s English translation of Ad Marinum, anyone can see that Jerome, as he dictated this letter, depended heavily and extensively upon Ad Marinum.  For example, in the first paragraph of Jerome’s reply to Question #4; he seeks to resolve a perceived discrepancy by asserting that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew, and that an interpreter is responsible for changing a precise and harmonious Hebrew expression into a less appropriate term.  This is exactly what Eusebius does in his reply to the second question of Marinus (cf. Kelhoffer, The Witness of Eusebius’ ad Marinum, p. 88). 

            Gratitude is expressed to the creators of the Remacle website, Roger Pearse for announcing the existence of this material at the Remacle website, and to Stephen Carlson, who told Roger about the site.

            Yours in Christ,

            James Snapp, Jr.

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