Treasury of Sacred Song
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J. Ellerton

GOD of the living, in Whose eyes

Unveil'd Thy whole creation lies;

All souls are Thine; we must not say

That those are dead who pass away;

From this our world of flesh set free,

We know them living unto Thee.

Released from earthly toil and strife,

With Thee is hidden still their life;

Thine are their thoughts, their works, their powers,

All Thine, and yet most truly ours;

For well we know, where'er they be,

Our dead are living unto Thee.

Not spilt like water on the ground,

Not wrapp'd in dreamless sleep profound,

Not wandering in unknown despair

Beyond Thy voice, Thine arm, Thy care;

Not left to lie like fallen tree;

Not dead, but living unto Thee.

Thy word is true, Thy will is just;

To Thee we leave them, LORD, in trust;

And bless Thee for the love which gave

Thy Son to fill a human grave,

That none might fear that world to see,

Where all are living unto Thee.

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