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Our Daily Homily

by F. B. Meyer

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In writing this work, F.B. Meyer chose one verse from each chapter of the Bible and meditated upon it. The result was a five-volume set of devotional essays in the style of biblical commentary. Should one read one of Meyer's meditations per day, one would have new devotion material every day for over three years, as there are 1,189 chapters total in the Old and New Testaments. The meditations themselves reflect their author's deep respect for God, Scripture, and his readers as fellow Christians. In the preface to his fifth volume, the British Baptist preacher wrote: “None of my books is dearer to me than this, or seems to contain more of my innermost thought; but at best it is only a handful of meal in the barrel, which may God multiply till He send rain on the earth.”

Kathleen O'Bannon
CCEL Staff
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About F. B. Meyer
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Born: April 8, 1847
Died: March 28, 1929
Related topics: Baptists, Bible, Biography, Christian life--Baptist authors, Christian life
Basic information: Frederick Brotherton Meyer (April 8, 1847 – March 28, 1929), a contemporary and friend of D. L. Moody and A. C. Dixon, was a Baptist pastor and evangelist in England involved in ministry and inner city mission work on both sides of the Atlantic. Author of numerous religious books and articles, many of which remain in print today, he was described in an obituary as The Archbishop of the Free Churches.
Popular works: Our Daily Homily, Way Into the Holiest, Secret of Guidance