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School of Calvary

by John Henry Jowett

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"If I want a school where love is taught and revealed, I must seek the academy of Calvary!" This is the focus of John Henry Jowett's book School of Calvary. He strives to live his life with Calvary, the place of Jesus' death, always on his mind. Jowett outlines Christ's journey from the Last Supper to Easter Sunday in language that is flowery and beautifully chosen. Readers will quickly become aware of Jowett's intelligence and deep study of the subject, and will benefit from his gentle sentences and deliberate message. As a preacher, Jowett always wrote his sermons down in full, and School of Calvary has a similar feel. He was a dedicated minister who served a number of churches with his respectful and caring manner, and his writing reflects that. Readers looking for a new way of life will be interested in Jowett's Calvary-centered philosophy.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer
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About John Henry Jowett
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John Henry Jowett
Source: articles.ochristian.com/preacher
Source: articles.ochristian.com/preacher
Born: 1864
Died: 1923
Related topics: Commentaries, Congregational churches, Devotional literature, Jowett, John Henry,--1864-1923, Pastoral theology
Basic information:
Popular works: Epistles of St. Peter, Brooks by the Traveller's Way, School of Calvary, Things That Matter Most: Devotional Papers, Silver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer