Hymnal [of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA]
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Litanies of Penitence

141. God the Father, God the Son


St. Alban's Tune Book, 1866;

harm. Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)

Richard F. Littledale, 1875

God the Father, God the Son,

God the Spirit, Three in One,

Hear us from thy heavenly throne:

Spare us, Holy Trinity.

Thou who, leaving crown and throne,

Camest here, an outcast lone,

That thou mightest save thine own:

Hear us, Holy Jesus.

Thou, despised, denied, refused,

And for man's transgressions bruised,

Sinless, yet of sin accused:

Hear us, Holy Jesus.

Thou who on the cross didst reign,

Dying there in bitter pain,

Cleansing with thy blood our stain:

Hear us, Holy Jesus.

Shepherd of the straying sheep,

Comforter of them that weep,

Hear us crying from the deep:

Hear us, Holy Jesus.

That in thy pure innocence

We may wash our souls' offense,

And find truest penitence:

We beseech thee, Jesus.

That we give to sin no place,

That we never quench thy grace,

That we ever seek thy face:

We beseech thee, Jesus.

That denying evil lust,

Living godly, meek, and just,

In thee only we may trust:

We beseech thee, Jesus.

That to sin for ever dead,

We may live to thee instead,

And the narrow pathway tread:

We beseech thee, Jesus.

When shall end the battle sore,

When our pilgrimage is o'er,

Grant thy peace for evermore:

We beseech thee, Jesus.


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