Ascent of Mount Carmel

Author: John of the Cross, St. (1542-1591)

One of St. John of the Cross' most important and insightful works, Ascent of Mount Carmel is a brilliant work of Christian mysticism. Considered one of the great Spanish poets, St. John depicts the soul's ascent to Mount Carmel--allegorically, the place of God--and the "dark night" that the soul must endure to reach it. St. John describes the different mystic experiences the soul encounters on its way to union with God through the dark night. Although St. John continues to describe the dark night in Dark Night of the Soul, the sequel to Ascent of Mount Carmel, this book provides a hauntingly beautiful, profound, and mystical account of Christian spirituality. It is highly recommended.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

It also now comes with a beneficial introduction to Ascent of Mount Carmel, an outline of St. John's life, and an introduction to St. John's works.